Are your sexual performance issues preventing you and your partner from attaining new levels of ecstasy? Does your erection size, low confidence and lack of stamina make you reluctant to get into new relationships?

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Men from all over the world suffer from sexual performance issues and you don’t have to let it define you. Nor do you have to let it impact on your self-esteem.

Simply introduce our 100% safe and natural blend into your life and Max Performer will give you the POWER, CONFIDENCE and ENDURANCE to take back control of your sexual performance and ensure that you hit the mark every time.

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No more stress. No more embarrassment. No more self-doubt. Only the certainty that your erections will remain rock hard, thick and capable of producing mind-blowing orgasms long into the night.

Max Performer = Harder, Stronger & Fuller Erections

#1 Bigger & Harder Erections

You can experience thicker, harder and stronger erections than ever before. Your penis has never been so powerful.

#2 Increased Sexual Desire

You’ll feel more energised, less tired and more eager for sex. You’ll be in the mood for mammoth sex sessions and have the drive to back them up.

#3 Increased Sexual Performance & Stamina

You will stay harder for longer and have the stamina to make use of your newfound sexual confidence, guaranteeing intense sessions for you both.

#4 Stronger & More Intense Orgasms

As the size and strength of your erections grow, so does the power of your orgasms. With more blood flow and semen production, you will BOTH notice a difference.

#5 More Sex, More Love, More Fun

Most importantly, your sexual confidence will come back bigger and better than ever before, resulting in a renewed love life, less stress and the sex filled relationship you’ve always wanted.


Whether you suffer from stress, anxiety, premature ejaculations or simply lack confidence due to bad experiences – you can turn back the clock; awaken your libido and benefit from the potency that only increased blood flow, testosterone levels and semen can provide – earth shattering, eye opening orgasms!

It’s All in The Ingredients!

When it comes to your penis, you don’t want just any product going into your system. You want a product that you can trust. One that has proven itself to produce credible and lasting results that are 100% safe and natural.

Max Performer can offer you such certainty…

Not only is Max Performer supported by anecdotal and clinical studies, but every one of our ingredients has be specially chosen for their ability to improve the health, durability and hardness of your erections.

How Does Max Performer Work?

Horny Goats Weed (1000mg)

Enriched in lacariin, according to neurologists, this compound can help to inhibit the release PDE5 which is responsible for reducing blood flow, thus enabling your penis to benefit from increased circulation; bolstered testosterone levels; improved nerve stimulation and heightened sexual function and arousal. Every single dose of Max Performer delivers a powerful 1000mg of Horny Goats Weed.

Maca (1000mg)

A powerful aphrodisiac, Maca has been used for centuries to increase stamina, strength and endurance by harnessing photochemicals – macamides and macenes – to restore your hormone levels; boost your strength, and improve your sperm counts and motility. Every single dose of Max Performer delivers a massive 1000mg of Maca.

Red Korean Ginseng (1000mg)

Renowned for its ability to reduce stress and improve performance, Red Korean Ginseng is believed to harness its strong levels of Ginsenosides to expand levels of alertness and concentration, whilst easing anxiety and bolstering sexual desire and endurance. Every single dose of Max Performer delivers a huge 1000mg of Korean Red Ginseng.

Cordyceps (1000mg)

A mushroom extract, Cordyceps helps to facilitate cell communication by increasing your oxygen uptake. Proven to boost blood flow levels to your sexual organs; Cordyceps has also been known to produce stronger and more intensely powerful erections as well as enhance testosterone, blood levels and sperm count. Every single dose of Max Performer delivers a supercharged 1000mg of Cordyceps.



Satisfaction Is Within Your Reach

Imagine if you could ensure that EVERY experience ends the right way. That the moment you tumble into bed, you are ALWAYS rock hard, engorged and ready to give her the time of her life – would you be able to say no?

Even the best of us have off days, so to be able to experience the certainty – no the guarantee – that you’ll attain thicker, stronger, more intense orgasms every time, is a promise too good to ignore.

However if you’re still not sure, why not take a moment to listen to Joe’s story (32, UK).

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